2030 Expectations and Critical Steps for a Circular Economy

“Resource Recovery Playbook: expectations for the circular economy of 2030 and the steps required to achieve a sustainable future ” – a white paper from TOMRA.

The take-make-waste systems of today’s economy have resulted in increasing signs of resource depletion and the progressive destruction of habitats. Overcoming environmental pollution by creating a circular economy is one of the central challenges of the 21st century. What can we do as a society, and how can we influence these necessary changes?

You’ll find the answers in a complimentary white paper released by TOMRA Circular Economy. Expert knowledge for sustainability leaders around the world, the report addresses the challenges and opportunities in transitioning to a circular economy and discusses actions required to enable a green recovery.

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Essential topics covered in this paper include:

  • Challenges of scaling the circular economy
  • How public policy influences ecological geopolitics
  • Why Plastic Pacts are not enough
  • 2030 Projections for developed and emerging markets
  • Urgent need for waste collection systems worldwide

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