Shifting our Mindsets and Asking the Right Questions with Clarissa Morawski

Here’s the truth: All plastics, whether bio-based or traditional, have the same negative effect on the environment if they are left to burn or take up space in landfills. Clarissa Morawski, co-founder and CEO of Reloop, is back to remind us that no matter what a material is made of, we need to collect and process it properly if we’re going to ensure that it ends up being turned into something valuable (and stays out of landfills and incinerators).   
This is the 2nd part of our chat with Clarissa, and in this episode, we turn our attention to the plastic industry. Clarissa defines the different types of plastic used today (including bio-based and degradable plastics) and discusses whether growing these materials to make new products should be a priority of ours or not. Join us as we discuss this hot topic, and so much more! 

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02 May 2021