Tonnes of Valuable Material Go Up in Smoke Every Year – They Don’t Have To

If the goal is to collect and recycle as much waste as possible before it ends up being burned – then this episode covers one crucial solution in making that goal a reality. 
We sat down with Arnoud te Winkel, Area Sales Manager at TOMRA, to chat through a waste model that has proven to increase the amount of high-value material that we recover from household waste. Waste destined for recycling, not incineration.  
We discuss the entire process, from start (the collection of household waste) to finish (where sensor-based technology takes over), as well as the benefits of this process, how the concept of sorting prior to incineration is viewed in the waste industry today, and how it could affect consumer behavior. This conversation is an important piece of the mixed waste sorting puzzle – you don’t want to miss it!

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02 May 2021